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Our Mission

At Gainline Financial Partners, we are fiduciaries providing personalized wealth management and investment planning services tailored to your unique needs. Our purpose is to help you achieve your financial goals through comprehensive, honest advice that puts your interests first.

Our Vision

Planning for tomorrow, today.

As your trusted financial advisor, we are committed to helping you achieve your dreams by providing sound financial advice that is grounded in truth, transparency, and a fiduciary standard of care. Our vision is to be your financial partner for life, working with you to achieve long-term financial and personal success.


Ensuring long-term success

We are guided by a set of core values that inform everything we do:

Excellence: We believe in giving you our best, always. As fiduciaries, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, unbiased, well-researched advice.

Teamwork: Your family is a critical part of our winning team. We work together to define goals and approaches that play to collective strengths, while always keeping your best interests as the top priority.

Authenticity: We encourage everyone to bring their true selves and unique perspectives to the table, and we value honesty, respectful disagreement, and open communication. As fiduciaries, we are committed to always acting in your best interests and being transparent about our recommendations.

Empathy: Mutual respect drives excellent outcomes, and we are committed to being present, actively listening, and seeking understanding by asking questions. We understand that empathy and trust are critical to building strong relationships that stand the test of time.

 We are proud to be fiduciaries in all client relationships and believe that this standard of care is critical to long-term success. Our values reflect our commitment to putting your interests first and providing the highest level of service and advice possible.


100+ Years of Experience

The roots of Gainline Financial Partners go back more than 40 years, when Claudia entered the broker training program at Merrill Lynch in Baltimore, MD. She relocated to Boulder, CO in 1980, where she began developing client relationships-many of which we retain today. John joined Claudia in 1997 after a successful career in the technology industry, where he honed the strong analytical and process management skills that he brings to the practice. In 2013, Paul joined the team, bringing his expertise in banking and asset management.

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